A. C. (USA) Inc. is a corporation that specializes in health supplements, cosmetics, and skin care products. Established in 1987, the Taiwan-based company has worked closely with hospitals and the healthcare industry. A. C. (USA) has developed expert knowledge on pharmaceutical products, prescription and OTC medicines, and health foods/supplements.

In 1995, following the success in Asia, the USA branch was launched in California along with four integral departments. Today, our company has expanded to include cosmetics and skin care products, professional services, and importing/exporting goods between Asia and the United States. We strive to provide our customers with the most efficient services and the highest quality products.

Due to the skyrocketing oil prices and the effects of 2008 global economic crisis, the new trend of finding energy substitution products and investing in the green industry has risen in the recent years. Foreseeing the coming of this new era, AC (USA) INC. started diversifying its investment into environmental-friendly green industry in 2009. As a result, AC (USA) INC. has successfully developed a material called ‘Ecoplaform’, a new generation of degrable green plastics pellets in 2010.

Department Profiles

A. C. Laboratory Co.

A. C. Laboratory Co. develops innovative and cutting edge bio-tech products. Expanding globally, the company plans to team with US laboratories to research and develop technologic breakthroughs in products such as immunity-enhancers and anti-oxidations.

  1. Animal Extract
  2. Plant Extract
  3. Research on rare minerals and rare marine elements
  4. Study of Microbiology
  5. Study of Genes

The primary task is research and development on new medical technology and product. We wish to make contribution to human health and welfare.

America Pharma Co.

America Pharma is a health food factory, which manufactures products based on well researched formulas. America Pharma mainly supplies vitamins, amino acids, natural health food, natural raw material, all natural mushrooms, fuctional products, nutritional products for children, and concentrated Chinese herbs. These products will enhance immunity, prevent hypertension, diabetics, stroke, high cholesterol, and bone aches. We improt fine natural raw materials from all over the world to make non-polluted health foods. We also make vitamins for different needs such as for old people, athletes, heavy labor workers, anti-stress formula, eye-sight protection, and energy enhancement.

Annie Christine, Inc.

Annie Christine is a cosmetic product factory, which manufacture products from natural raw material, herbs, and materials good for health. Our products include but not limited to hydrating cream, cleaning gel, fruit-acid treatment, neck cream, eye gel, tightening mask, whitening cream, anti-pigment gel, special time-capsule, hair removal cream, slimming cream, breathe spray, etc.

Green Life Product Business Group

There are countless irreparable environmental damages as the Earth’s resources are being abused and wasted by modern technology. Petrochemical plastic materials that offered human convenience in daily life are also causing serious global damages due to the fact that they aren’t degradable for hundreds of years. To help coming up with an alternative solution, in 2009 AC (USA) INC. decided to diversify its investment into the environment-friendly green industry. As a result, AC (USA) INC. has successfully developed a material called ‘Ecoplaform’ in 2010. It is a new generation of degradable green plastics pellets that can reduce the dependence on oil and other petrochemical materials as well as partially substitute the petrochemical-made products. Ecoplaform can be used to produce decomposable plastic bags, disposable tableware, food containers, agricultural film, filling bottles and packaging materials.